Bizard Tunnel —

Centralized system of high-level mining management

Effective hash rate management via handful interface

Bizard Tunnel provides online monitoring for each machine in real time mode
  • — All your pools stats in one interactive timeline
  • — System provides data on each machine
  • — Instant notifications, mobile app
  • — Switch pools and coins without hash rate losses
  • — Unique data exchange roots architecture sustainable to blocking

What Bizard Tunnel can give

ЭTime-management — switch pools and coins without restarting system
Transparency — you can see effectiveness of every single machine
Integration — all your machines registered in the system are run through common interface
Bizard will recommend profitable coin even if it’s configuration wasn’t set
Benefit — system gives information on profitable strategies
Always in touch — notifications on your mobile phone
Automation — ability to switch pools and coins automatically with all information saved in your profile

How it works?

Instant solution
You receive failure notification on your mobile. Click on the notice and you go to corresponding section of Bizard Tunnel.
There you see the problem and fix it immediately.
Advanced stats
You want to see stats for all your pools - you activate general timeline for all pools and observe all stats in one place, no need anymore to collect data from all pools one by one and research them afterwards - by clicking on any point on the timeline, you can see stats on particular machine for particular date
You want to find out which machine or which pool is most effective in your data-center - in Bizard Tunnel you can observe stats with precision up to single machine and spread reward between miners correspondingly


Create targeted reports up to particular mining-machine
High-usability interface provides real-time monitoring for all your channels
You can compose segregated groups of pool


Get overall stats on all pools on one interactive timeline
Set up your own switching algorithm and join selected pools automatically
Receive notifications on preferable pools

How it looks?

Switching pools and coins without hash rate losses
Remote control
Instant notifications on failures and new possibilities

Proper service for each machine

1 month
Full automation
Remote control
Technical support
6 months
Full automation
Remote control
Technical support
12 months
Full automation
Remote control
Technical support

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